A holistic approach to property development

The focus is not only on creating cost-effective developments that are aesthetically pleasing, but also catering specifically for the needs of the local communities. We want to think of ourselves as neighbours of choice in the communities we serve.


Our specialised team brings a set of complementary skills and experience to each project we undertake.

Welcome to New Africa Developments (NAD).

New Africa Properties, a forerunner of New Africa Developments, was established in 1991. In 1996 NAD was founded. NAD is a dynamic property development group with a portfolio that includes more than 37 prime developments.


Linking the ideal property to the ideal consumer.



Ground-breaking developments that empower communities, and create new distribution outlets

for big brands.



Creating jobs, markets and prosperity for all involved.

Our Company


NAD pioneers ground-breaking retail property developments in South Africa. NAD is instrumental in new market exploration, this conduit allows tenant offerings to enter unexplored territory, which give isolated communities instant access to convenience goods.


Our Approach


NAD typically locates the ideal property within an aligned consumer habitat, before building a shopping mall, catering to the needs of the community. This instills local pride and cements respect into its very foundation. It is the company’s mission to ensure that what shoppers experience is nothing short of world-class. And this starts by creating a sense of belonging.


Our Contribution


NAD's developments are far more than mere structural feats. They tower in worth compared to the grand ceilings and array of desirable products they provide. They become the heartbeat of a community – leading to empowerment through the infrastructures, business opportunities and jobs they create. Such is the inevitable results of our developments - fertile micro economies born of successful, bustling marketplaces.

Meet the NAD Team

Our specialized team of professionals brings a set of complementary skills and expertise to each project we undertake. We aim to create more job opportunities within the communities we serve by bringing the world to the people, and the people to the world.

Japie van Niekerk

(Owner / CEO)


Japie has over 20 years of experience in property development and investment specialising in shopping centres in rural areas. He started his career in property development and investment when he

co-founded New Africa Properties.


Later, in 1996, he founded New Africa Developments.

Corné Claassen



Corné has gained extensive experience in all aspects of the property market over the last 15 years. After working at PEP Stores in various retail managerial positions he was promoted to PEP Properties as a Property Manager in 1998. He left PEP to join New Africa Developments in April 2004.

Robin Houghton



Robin has 20 years of senior management experience in the retail industry. His role at New Africa Developments is to manage the company on a day-to-day basis and assist the CEO in the effective execution of high level business activities.

Our specialities include:

  • Identification & assessment of property location
  • Securing property rights
  • Networking with national tenants
  • Independent research
  • Appointment of contractors
  • Project management
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Asset and property management